Jul 06 2016

FMG’s 2016 Summer Project is Underway and You’re Going to Love What We’re Doing!

Just wait til you see what we’ve been up to! As many of you know, my sites and videos have been under some serious attacks and hacks by blackhat hackers and paid internet trolls who spend their days injecting malware on websites or flagging and reporting false complaints on the truths we’ve been spreading about …

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Jun 10 2016

UNICEF POLL: Eight Out of Ten 18 Year Olds Say Their Friends are at Risk Online

Unicef presses governments to better protect young people as international survey finds most 18-year-olds say friends take risks online. A third of teenagers strongly believed they could tell when people were lying online about their identity. Photograph: Tek Image/Science Photo Library/Getty Images The Guardian by Oliver Holmes in Bangkok Monday 6 June 2016 22.51 EDT Last modified on …

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Jun 10 2016

PROACTIVE: Parenting Plan to Blocking Children’s Porn Interest – Addressing the Heart of the Matter

Protect Young Minds by Kristen Jenson | Mar 17, 2016 | by John Fort Most parents want to block porn access for their kids. In the digital age, this is impossible. A more effective approach for keeping kids from pornography is addressing the heart of the matter: what might drive a young person to compulsive …

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May 30 2016

Leomie Anderson: ‘Consent is Very Important in My Job,’ Model of the Moment & Her Honesty about Sexual Pressures Facing Young Women Won Her Legions of Fans

Leomie Anderson: Key summer trends for women – in pictures. ‘Consent is very important in my job. It’s crucial’: Leomie Anderson. Photograph: Andrew Woffinden for the Observer Eva Wiseman The Guardian by Eva Wiseman Sunday 29 May 2016 05.00 EDT Leomie Anderson has a blog called Cracked China Cup. “China because it looks delicate and beautiful,” she …

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Apr 22 2016

Mainstream Researchers Waking Up to Real Dangers of Porn as Porn Addiction Threatens Entire Generations

By Aaron Cline Hanbury April 12, 2016 Aaron Cline Hanbury is the editorial director for RELEVANT. You can follow him on Twitter at @achanbury The latest issue of Time Magazine landed on stands yesterday. And, you might have heard, the cover story paints a menacing picture of sex and sexuality among younger Americans. When the story, …

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Apr 09 2016

4 Things Parents Should Understand to Protect Their Kids from Pornography

Deseret News by Nate Sharp Aggieland Mormons Friday, April 8 2016 8:15 a.m. MDT Updated: 16 hours ago Adobe Stock As societies across the globe become more and more accepting of immorality, it can sometimes feel like protecting our families from the onslaught of pornography is an insurmountable task. As societies across the globe become more and …

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Feb 21 2016

How Social Media is Disrupting the Lives of American Teenage Girls

ILLUSTRATION BY REBECCA MOCK FOR TIME Once upon a time, only the wealthy and privileged could afford to have their portraits painted by a small, select circle of artists. With the advent of photography, parents of all backgrounds could have pictures of their children, which were coveted as documents of their development and a way …

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Feb 09 2016

5 Lies Many Hollywood Movies Are Teaching Young Women

Movie Guide by Aubrianna Giselle Movies could be one of the strongest influences on young minds in the 21st century, if not the most. With movie titles like 10 RULES FOR SLEEPING AROUND, THREE NIGHT STAND and KNOCKED UP, it’s no surprise our world is falling deeper and deeper into self-destruction. Young women are a …

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Jan 08 2016

CALL TO BATTLE: Catholic Bishop Challenges Men to be ‘Men’ in Awesome New Video

Bishop Olmsted – ‘Men, do not hesitate to engage in the battle.’ Film still. LIFE SITE NEWS Pete Baklinski Wed Jan 6, 2016 – 2:48 pm EST Bishop Thomas Olmsted. Film still. PHOENIX, Arizona, January 6, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Porn. Fornication. Prostitution. Loving and leaving. Creating children and then abandoning them. Is this the greatness of …

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