Jul 24 2015

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CHRISTIAN RAPPER TRIP LEE : Porn ‘Epidemic’ Ruining Lives, Marriages and Ties with God

Czarina Ong 24 July 2015 on Christian Today

Christian rapper Trip Lee discusses the negative effects of porn in his book ‘Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story.’trip-lee

Christian rapper Trip Lee is very wary of porn. In fact, he wrote about the allure of porn and its destructive nature in his song “All My Love.”

He is now sharing how the epidemic is ruining lives, marriages, and even their relationship with God.

“The issue of pornography has been on my heart for many years; it’s an epidemic. Now, if I talk to a young man about his life, I am not surprised to hear that he struggles with porn, because porn is destructive,” he wrote.

The first thing porn does is that it pulls people away from God. Whenever people choose to look at wicked images instead of God, they are pulling themselves farther and farther away from Him, the rapper explained. Porn serves as a wedge between a person and God, and the more people try to chase “counterfeit intimacy” from porn, the more they are hindered from developing an honest relationship with God.

Porn also distorts people’s perception of the opposite sex, he said. “Those people whose bodies are captured in images on your computer screen or smartphone are made in the image of God. You’re objectifying them. You’re insulting God. You’re treating His image with disdain and perversion,” said Lee.

Not only do people view people of the opposite sex differently because of porn, but it also changes the way people see everyone.

“Porn has a way of distorting your world view. If you spend your time indulging in porn, looking at all sorts of people naked and objectifying them regularly, do you imagine you’ll be able to turn that off when you go into the real world? Indulging in porn undercuts your ability to love others as you’ve been called to,” he explained.

Lastly, porn keeps people from enjoying real intimacy. It keeps people from enjoying sexual pleasure from marriage because porn sets up an unrealistic and fake standard. “Sexual desires are aimed the wrong way, and this only hurts the people we love,” said Lee.

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