Huge Sphere in Sun’s Corona! Breaking News – Unidentified Object SUN! March 11, 2012

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I just came across something extremely curious. There is a black spherical anomoly the size of Jupiter on the south east limb of the sun. I have no idea what this may be.

Official Response from NASA – click link to watch –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82l46fpd-ic

http://www.thesuntoday.org – On March 12, 2012 Sunsflare posted a video asking if anyone could identify a circular object seen in SDO coronal images. The video was also posted on Facebook with the same question posed. I answered the question on facebook but here is a more detailed response and discussion of the observation. The object seen is a coronal cavity associated with a filament. There was also an eruption of the filament with a CME. ” – C. Alex Young, Ph.D.

Thanks to http://www.thesuntoday.org, NASA, ESA, SDO, SOHO, STEREO, Helioviewer, and virtuallinda.com

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