Dec 09 2015

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BDSM Porn Producer James Deen Accused of Rape and Why It Matters

My first exposure to violence and pornography came from the content that I was watching. As is typical, as my porn use progressed, the content I was consuming became more and more graphic and violent – this had an incredible negative impact on my ability to connect with my wife.

It’s no secret that an incredible amount of mainstream pornography today perpetuates sexual violence, rape, and abuse towards women. Blurring consent lines is a common script in porn. Women are treated solely as a receptacles for the male genitalia in a lot of porn. Feminist Gail Dines, describes a few of the acts depicted in mainstream pornography:

  • Vaginal, anal, and oral penetration of a woman by three or more men at the same time
  • Double anal in which a woman is penetrated anally by two men at the same time
  • Double vagina in which a woman is penetrated vaginally by two men at the same time
  • Gagging in which a woman has a penis thrust so far down her throat, she gags (or in the more extreme cases, vomits)
  • Ass-to-mouth in which a penis goes from a woman’s anus to her mouth without washing

Just about everyone reading this article has experienced this form of pornography, and many of you have eroticized this violence. Violence and sexual abuse is prolific in porn.

What about the environment off camera? Have you ever thought of that?

Events unfolding over the course of the last few days are at a minimum illustrative and reflect what can only be systemic problems in an industry that profits off the sexaul abuse of women.

Three adult film actresses have accused porn’s golden boy – James Deen – of sexual assaultand rape. This is significant because of the status Deen held in the porn industry and in mainstream media. He’s been called the “darling” of an industry that is now turning on him. Here’s what U.K.’s the Independent had to say:

If you haven’t been paying attention to the porn industry lately, it’s important to understand that Deen is not your stereotypical star: Over his 11-year career, Deen has emerged as the unlikely darling of the industry – the kind of slender, sensitive guy you’d expect to see in a boy band rather than a kinky X-rated film.

His boy-next-door vibe and pro-feminist persona helped him capture the attention and imaginations of women of all ages, and launched him before a wider audience: He starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in Paul Schrader’s 2013 film The Canyons, frequently shared his thoughts on consent and diversity in porn with popular media outlets, and authored a sex-positive advice column for a progressive women’s lifestyle website.

The violence in pornography was brought home for me and made “real” when I interviewed former adult actress Jessie Rogers for a webinar that I did a few years ago.

In the video below (starting at 1:47) she talks about how a “veteran male performer” violently raped and almost killed her. Here’s what she said:

He just slapped me … and I fell and my ears were ringing because he slapped me so hard. He starting banging my head on the floor, and my face started bleeding … he kept beating me basically … he choked me out twice to the point of passing out … making me look at myself with blood all over my face … he spit on his hand and put the spit all over my face … and continued to fuck me like that … he put my head inside of his toilet … every time I tried to come up for air he would not allow me to come up for air … I thought I was going to die.”

It was this event in combination with a few others that led Jessie to leave the industry … and there’s a lot we as men can learn from her suffering.

I think it’s very important to put this violence in perspective.

Watch the video above as Jesse Rogers talks about how she was violently attacked by a world famous adult male star.

While she doesn’t name names, we don’t need to know who did it … but what we need to know is that this industry is perpetuating sexual violence towards women on camera and allegedly off … so ask yourself is this an industry that you want to support? Is this a harmless hobby that doesn’t hurt anyone? I hope by now you know the answer to this question.

Is this the healthy, sex-positive, sexually liberating industry, committed to freeing us from the shackles of sexual repression as it wants you to believe? Or is it an industry that perpetuates the sexual objectification and abuse of women for profit.

And think about this . . . if this is happening with performers from the well-funded popular successful porn production companies, what’s happening underground? The illusion continues to shatter. Has your illusion shattered yet?

Now ask yourself: is this an industry worthy of my support? Is what I’m watching making me a better man? Is it helping me in the bedroom? Is it making me a better lover?

If the answer is no, then you must take action to free yourself and you must FEED THE RIGHT WOLF inside you. Wake up and reclaim the power of your sexual energy.

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