Mar 21 2012

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Dear Abby: So, Are You Promoting Larry’s “Grind Women in the Meat Grinder” Mentality Too?? Is Dear Abby Out of Date with Today’s Issues??

EDITORIAL: I will answer this one since Dear Abby has no clue. I’m appalled that you’d go to the biggest pervert in Porn Valley for advise when there are obviously women out there searching for real answers. Truthfully, this makes me wonder if Dear Abby is really a man!!

No Fan, this one’s for you:

Dear No Fan:

The truth of what you are talking about is most independent, ambitious and strong women that I know are quite wild in the bedroom because they know what they want and they aren’t afraid to go after it and enjoy it. The men say they like porn because they like to see women who love and enjoy sex and do things “normal” women don’t do. So if what men say is true, then why aren’t more independent, strong women having great sex with all these men who say that’s what they want? And why do men hold onto the good ole double standard that their wives and mothers can’t love sex or they are whores?

It’s because it’s really not about sex to these type of men. If a man really wants a woman like that, he’d have an incredibly attractive and successful woman by his side. These type of men really want the control that pornography portrays in their scenes. Porn shows a woman who is totally submissive, giving all her attention to the man’s needs only. Kneeling in front of the man to “accept” his wonderful seed all over her face, worshiping it and adoring him for blasting her with it.

No Fan, I would advise you to find a new group of men to have dinner parties with. Men who love porn do not respect or honor women. There are real men out there who want a real incredible woman not a fantasy that they can own and control. Ditch the guys who aren’t going to supply anything to your life. The losers at your dinner party are takers so not worth the time!!



Q. Dear Abby: At a recent dinner party, the men and women got into a heated debate about porn. The men said men love porn because it shows women enjoying sex with abandon. We women protested that women who behave this way in real life are scorned by both men and women. Do men not realize this makes no sense? If you can’t answer this, maybe your male readers can. — No Fan of Porn

A. Dear No Fan: Not being an expert on the subject of pornography or why men enjoy it, I posed your question to a recognized expert — Larry Flynt. His answer is different than the one given by the men at the dinner party.

He said that men love porn because men are aroused by the visual. Then he added that women are more turned on by the written word, which is why torrid romance novels are so popular.

P.S. Women who enjoy sex with abandon are not necessarily tramps. Many of them have high morals, are very happily married and find it stimulating to watch porn with their husbands.

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