Nov 26 2012

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Lunatic Alert: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 28, 2012

Astrology – November 24, 2012 – By:

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21) is in the house and is bringing an air of optimism and intelligence alongside the ability to pull the wool over any situation. With Jupiter being the ruling planet, an expansive mind and gregarious attitude can extend far beyond adversities, into a world of spirituality and dogmas that tends to sooth the ego. A positive outlook is cool for those who think a vacation is not the only solution for skirting past some vital lessons that’s calling out for attention and resolution. In other words, keep it real and down to earth or else a laundry list of shit can pile up and cause a funk to brew in your happy place. Ok, there’s a buzz going around, concerning the Sagittarius mind-set or those who has placements in the house of the archer that states, “The only one who is capable of saving you, is yourself!”

Today’s full moon in 6 degrees of Gemini on November 28, 2012 at 9:47 AM (EST) is a lunar eclipse. This full moon/lunar eclipse is a companion and almost the perfect match to the solar eclipse in 00 degrees in Gemini, six months ago on May 20, 2012. A clearer sense of communication has been enhanced through the will to know your truth, not some old hand-me-down philosophies or ideology meant to herd a mass of sheep types of mentalities. An opposition with the Gemini moon and a Sagittarius sun will continue to test your belief system and it may seem like a world full of tricksters has infiltrated a sound spiritual movement, but by taking a closer look and doing you, an in depth discovery on what actually works for you holistically will echo your true nature.

Jupiter is conjunct the moon at 11 degrees in Gemini, supplementing a jovial perspective while sudden changes seems to threaten what appears to have a solid foundation. Since the lunar eclipse is also conjunct Lilith in 8 degrees of Gemini and is sextile to Uranus in 4 degrees of Aries, an inner stirring of individuality may upset a few, but is necessary for those who’re connected to a surge of revolutionary energy to be found deep within the psyche. A mantra consisting of phrases that will uplift and catapult you out of the old ways and into the age of Aquarius may work with a little shock value. The key is to wake up and smell what’s really going on, as a Neptune in Pisces squared to this full moon suggest.

A yod, or what is referred to as the finger of God is highlighted for the next 6 months and is pointing in the direction of communication, balance and healing. In western astrology, a yod represents a triangle with two planets forming a sextile (60 ̊)and the third one in a quincunxed (150 ̊)position. This astrological pattern is purported to create enough tension to bring about timely changes and transformation. With Mars, Pluto, Venus, Saturn and Gemini involved with the yod formation, a powerhouse of elemental forces are churning and blending a multidimensional point-of-view that can be access through your intuition or subconscious mind. Those with any planets in the houses mentioned above will feel the most effects. So, watch out Gemini’s, because it’s time to pick up your scattered eggs and cultivate a higher truth (it’s not what you may think it is). By keeping in mind that all is good and it is what it is, this a the prime time to shed the old programmed ways and alchemize your inherit gifts.

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