Oct 22 2013

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PARENTS: 5 Internet Applications Used to Exploit Children and How They Use Them – My Assignment

My Forum discussion this week in my “Internet Porn Investigations” class. It’s supposed to be 200 words or so but you all know me. I am a talker 😉

kidsheadDiana Grandmason

Exploiting children is really more about patience and persistence for the sexual predator then applications. Exploiting a child is a process just as it was when sexual predators and pedophiles only had personal interaction to gain access to their prey. You know, back in the days before the internet came into our homes and into our lives. They will groom a child for years, savoring each little conquest, as they get closer to full exploitation. That is their true climax!

Social media sites are, by far, the most popular shopping grounds for predators and pedophiles. When kids enter personal information into their profiles or update statuses with things going on in their lives, they give these monsters material facts that are then used to manipulate the children’s minds with. They work to befriend their victims and often impersonate children themselves, using the anonymity the internet gives them to groom their young and naive targets.

Social media sites used to be very basic and not many were available and known to the general public. Now there are many types that allow the predator to use a variety of features in their quest to exploit children. Sites that allow webcamming have created a whole new market of live online exploitation. There are P2P networks that only allow for posting of images where vast collections of child pornography are gathered and sold. These sites allow the predator a visual experience without the more dangerous physical presence of the old days.

IMing or instant messaging and chat rooms allow for private communication. Forums and discussion groups allow predators to talk to children about their interests. These are all ways to lure children into revealing more about themselves, get closer to them and then push them into doing more. A new phenomenon being used in social media is extortion porn, where a child or teen gives a risque photo or has a sex chat with a predator after grooming and then they are threatened with exposure of what they did if they don’t keep giving more.

Cell phone apps have become extremely popular for child exploitation because the virtual world is also mobile and not as easily monitored. Last year, a parent’s junior high teen told her about an application on her cellphone showing older men, some of whom were in their 40s and 50s, having sex with underage girls and teens. All the kids at school were talking about it. It was like a contest app and the men were giving these underage girls drugs and alcohol so when they passed out, they would rape them. They would videotape it with their cellphone video cameras, showing only the girls, while doing it POV style and then posting it to this cellphone app to be voted on by other child and teen rapists.

Giving children so much privacy and technology is very dangerous. I don’t believe parents understand the true gravity of our current predatorial environment. Our media isn’t talking about the details nearly enough and when they do, they water down the facts because they’re more concerned with being popular than delivering the hard facts.

When this happened though, that parent’s eyes were opened wide and she was terrified. Rightly so. This was in her children’s junior high school and she had no idea what was happening.

I talk to parents like this everyday!!

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